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Math Expression Editor Light is math expressions editor and computing environment in one component
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27 April 2011

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A mathematical expression is a combination of different numbers, symbols and signs that are well set and arranged according to the quantitative problem that needs to be solved. Such expressions are often integrated by developers in their applications so that the application works according to a certain logical algorithm. But this is not an easy exercise, as creating or editing a mathematical expression in an application requires a lot of time and expertise on the part of the programmer depending upon the complexity of the algorithm. In order to save on time in editing the application, a developer requires a specialized application for this purpose like Math Expression Editor Light v.1.0.

Math Expression Editor Light by OtherControls is a shareware component, usable with the .NET Winform Application Programming Interface for mathematical expression operations in the products. With the help of this application, a user can quickly create, add, edit or remove a mathematical expression in the application in a facilitated environment. It works on advanced Object Mathematical Computing Environment which gives it intelligent functionality. You can easily enable or disable the access by the application to particular functions and can even add custom functions according to the application`s requirements. Apart from this, you can also set colors and fonts for the selected and null text expressions and the background. You can also add various items to the component panel like menu buttons, items, text fields, lists etc. With the help of this application, you can import the mathematical expression to data stream or XML file, as well as can draw these expressions into an image file.

To sum up, Math Expression Editor Light v.1.0 is a nice application which can be a good solution for developers who often end up spending their precious time in adding and editing the mathematical expression in the products. Hence, it receives a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Math Expression Editor Light 1.0 is .NET WinForm component for mathematical expression operation for in your product. You can create, add and edit any mathematical expression. Component contains object-mathematical computing environment.

Math Expression Editor Light 1.0 allows:
to enable/disable access to some functions;
to add custom functions;
to set colors to math expressions/Background/selected expressions/NullText/ etc.
to set fonts;
to add custom menu items/buttons/lists/text fields/etc to the component panel;
to work with the mathematical attributes of Data-object;
to use object-mathematical computing environment;
to import math expressions to XML/data streem;
to draw into a streem/image file.
Math Expression Editor Light
Math Expression Editor Light
Version 1.0
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